The Best Derma Skin Treatments
for Smoother, Tighter, Clearer skin.



Liquid Face-lift is a non-surgical procedure that uses gel fillers to gently help lift facial features, reduce wrinkles and folds, and create a brighter, more rested look.. see the change after one try!

The Adisha Torre Research team has been the pioneer in cellular, anti-aging therapy, line correction and deep skin treatments. With numerous award winning products it quickly became the leading clinic for facial treatments in Singapore, Most of Adisha Torre discoveries been used as milestones in Swiss laboratories, and clinics around the world. Dedicated in providing best anti aging treatment in Singapore the innovative products and solution made only the best natural raw materials are used with strict quality control. With years of experience and a legendary legacy of health and beauty expertise we keep developing new treatments, research new sources and mastering the art of beauty. Loyal to quality and the Adisha Torre 

Seule l'élite  
(only the elite).

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Professional Team

Consists exclusively of a team of doctors, Chemists, beautician and skin experts our research team continues to break boundaries.


  • 1. Unprecedented medical supervision like nowhere in the world, products developed by a team of doctors, professors and laboratory managers. The Adisha Torre team is comprised of leading professionals who accompanied each person from the beginning of the treatment until the big happiness!

  • 2. Our key word is quality, and our goal success! we believe in giving the best facial treatment possible. 

  • 3. Transparency and reliability, an Adisha Torre professional team member monitors the progress and reviews personally the member,  It is the difference between seriousness and professionalism and amateurism !!!

  • 4. over 94% who have tried and began the process said that the procedure was successful and they feel a significant improvement. 
    These members were treated in one of our centres. 

  • We accompany you hand in hand from beginning whether it is a treatment of wrinkles, skin discoloration or  other therapeutic process, we have witnessed hundreds of cases of success. start the treatment immediately, without delay and without paying for first meeting. The process can be long with no shortcuts, but with a team of leading professionals you can see successes  . You are welcome to make an appointment without obligation with our representative in Asia .
    Each member will receive a book that tells the amazing story of the project.
    Let's start together the journey to the dream.

“I had my doubts, but I have been using Adisha Torre products for 3 weeks and LOVE it! It is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that I have even tried/seen. My skin improving, skin is looking younger! At Belovie Group, no problem remains unsolved. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

                                                                               Defi Klein

“dreams do come true! after 5 years of Treatments with other products, suffering and tears, i am now tearing with joy, excited, happy and breathless.  just wanted to write you about your amazing products I discovered over 2 years ago. I had spots on my upper cheek, i felt embarrassed about it. When I started using skin correction i had my doubts but I can see my skin repairing itself from years of neglect. I encouraged my daughter to use Adisha Torre and she is also seeing results. Thank You! A huge thank you to the team transforming the impossible to reality. i cant stop cryin., tears of joy, finally.”


                                                                                Michel Lim

 Best facial treatment in Singapore. Hi there,I don't usually write to companies regarding products I've purchased and used but in this case I felt compelled to write and commend you on how amazing your lift range is. I have been using this for just over two weeks now and cannot believe the results in this short time, fine lines almost gone on my forehead! I have been using the anti-ageing serum, hydrating repair crème, hydrating eye recovery gel and hydrating intense moisturizer. I live in Australia where the climate is extremely hot and humid, the sun is harsh and we are susceptible to premature aging if we are not careful, when i was in Singapore i gave them a try and well... i said it  before the best facial treatment i ever had , I will recommend this product to everyone I know!!!"

                                                                                            Julia Perez

“I had my doubts about  skin care, until i encoutered Belovie. was won over by the kindness and profeeinalism of a true A-Team, which took care of the whole process. Highly recommended. ”

                                                                                         Donna Weymer