My amazing vacation takes place in beautiful island of Phuket Thailand. After hearing stories about the sandy beaches, mango so sweet, carzy party scene. The tropical rain forests and sandy beaches of the islands of Thailand got to my list for travel destinations. This being said,  I understood the ideal time to visit Thailand will be between November and the end of February because it is the "cool season", with temperatures that are nice and no RAIN and don’t worry the cool season in Thailand is anything but cold, the sun is high in the sky and all is perfect. But on my first day in Patong Phuket i found that i did a big mistake, i forgot to bring a swimsuit , well I brought one, but never imagine that I will have to wear all day, every day the same bikini. Now  7 days in Phuket you wear your bikini or swimwear and beach cover from morning to evening. Sometimes even at night you go with the bikini to a beach party. The worst thing you can do is be that girl with the the same one bikni that every body see with every day all day.

Bangla Rd the party street in Phuket – has a vibrant nightlife and very busy in the day so i knew I wont start the vacation without getting the best bikini. Leaving the street just infront of the Wine connection i found the GURU of swimwear in Phuket, bikini and swimwear in patong beach by international brands yes i found the Adisha Torre swimwear shop.  The original idea was to buy one swimsuit but standing in that shop i just had to buy 3 nikinis. On my second day, a great party so had to get the big guns lucky i had the best swimwear in the world waiting for me back in my room.  when deciding what to wear remember you have a long week ahead of you wearing swimwear every day. I recommend those who are able to do so buy bikini at Adisha Torre shop. All the life of the island is at the beach you will use an extra bikini. 

Know that some of the 3 star hotels are just on the beach and the luxurious 5 stars hotel are not always,  the idea of staying along the beach and being able to wake up, go into the water, and explore the land seems much more enticing to me than sleeping in a 5 star hotel in  but not on the beach.

I stayed at Patong Beach. And I love it - it's crawling with tourists and can be very busy, but I wanted to with people in a party and fun feel. staying here is perfect you are able to just walk around and be close to entertainment and on my second day I found it a bikini party on the beach. If you're after something more secluded and quiet, you might want to stay on a different beach.

Patong Beach is beautiful - nice white sand, clear warm water but its also the busiest and the center of night life on the island.

If you are going to a beach party, make sure to wear a good bikini comfortable, supportive and most important a jaw dropping one. Don’t be shay dance and have fun if you are wearing the right swimwear you will look amazing. You know that with a great tan and a large smile of freedom you look the best. I also took a day trip to paradise beach. The beach is stunning and not to be missed. You can snorkel and kayak, it was a great day! 

Yes its all about walking around getting tan eat amazing thai food shop and  get body scrub, Thai massage, facial and manicure all for just under 1500 BT Koh Phangan it’s the little sister island, much less busy. Patong is great but i do think you should stay only 2-3 days in Patong and after that go to Krabi or Phi phi.  

The all night celebrations in Bangla are legendary and I am the kind of person who is open for that, this festival is just perfect.