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Ko Phi Phi Don and the green bikini

Posted on 09 August 2016

At age 27, I quit my job to travel all over Asia just me and my bikini. I spent six fantastic months in Southeast Asia and turned my bikini travel unto a few short blogs.

Ko Phi Phi Don and the green bikini

Is it just me, or is the alcohol, started my first day on the island drinking WAY too much, and regret in the morning. But what a day for a bikini in Phi Phi, the sun was up and the ocean was blueeeeee all the way. Ko Phi Phi a tropical island, but the flurry of activity and numerous supermarkets, restaurants, tattoo parlors and ATMs may just surprise you. Phi Phi is considered to be one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the world, with Phi Phi National Park which is home to an abundance of corals and amazing marine life. 

kho phi phi

Snorkel - there are two rocks within swimming distance of Long Beach known as "Shark Point" where harmless blacktip reef sharks can be seen. Coral, small giant clams, anemones, and loads of sea urchins can also be spotted. Yoga Classes - There are excellent yoga classes on offer daily. Keira of Keiritas offers classes on Carlito Bars roof-top and in Banyan Villa Gym for people of all levels and experience. Rock Climbing - there are opportunities for rock climbing on Ko Phi Phi, but why would I do taht? the climbing is on limestone cliffs, and the Beach Bars – located everywhere in the island.

The Thai islands are famed for many things, most of which are represented by the colors of natures blue and green. The blue water around you and my green bikini. The islands all vary; some are more relaxed than others are for party. Phi Phi is a party place, for young people if you are over 40 you will feel old here, sorry. I visited Phi Phi, one of the more chic and outgoing islands, and i was not disappointed.

Welcome to my guide of Phi Phi in Bikini drunk

You can start you’r evening and Watch the sunset on a kayak – You can rent sea kayaks or arrange a kayak tour to Wang Long bay, the island is great for kayaking, and nothing beats getting to see the sunset from the water.

phi phi sunset

Monkey Beach – Monkey Beach is one of the most crazy beautiful beaches in Thailand, not just Ko Phi Phi. Powder white sands and excellent diving makes this a popular spot but one of the coolest things about it is the monkeys that come down to the beach. They’re pretty tame and you can feed them with bananans, they are wild monkeys so be careful!

Enjoy the nightlife
– you did not travel all the way to Phi Phi for rock clinbing. Nightlife here is crazy. Fire shows and Thai boxing matches are a regular occurrence at the beach bars. Every night you go out with your bikni and shorts night swimming is common after a few drinks. Often times, there are massive beach parties with live music. I know “someone” who drinks a TON im talking allot , and I can’t help but wonder, is it because her mood here is so good
3 best bars for me and my little green bikini, what ever you do, don’t get the bucket drink, or get it, why not.

So bar number 1: Carlito's Beach Bar & Nightclub 

Carlito's Beach Bar and Nightclub is a long-lasting, buzzing night spot with great location, relaxed drinks on the beach. Most of the service staff over extended holiday from Sweden so expect a lot of beautiful tanned blonds to be walking along the path. In the afternoon, the place is relaxed and you can practice yoga, checking your mails (free Wi-Fi) at night the beat changes drastically with loud music and fire shows (at 22:00) on the beach. Mixed cocktails and ‘buckets’ heat up the atmosphere until late.

Numero 2 : Apache Beach Bar.
The second largest open bar. Only crowded after 22:00 with young folks looking for party until late. Fire dancers and Buckets filled in with spirit plus coke plus Red Bull and gods knows what, get the party loud and heavy with club music.

And the number 3: Hippies Bar
The original hippies has returned the west - it wad kind of an institution in Tonsai East, the same staff, great music, cocktails and nightly fire shows!
Opened at the end of the nineties, entirely destroyed by the tsunami in 2004, Hippies Bar is the perfect place to hang out and chill after a busy day snorkelling or sea kayaking or getting over the night before.
hippies bar phi phi

Serving Thai and international food at affordable prices, Hippies Bar becomes lively after 21:00 with live music performances, fire shows, DJs, and more, more laid-back alternative to the madness in action at Apache Beach bar.






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