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Singapore best beaches

Posted on 09 August 2016

Imagine sitting in a beach bar with a coconut in hand, listening to chill music while watching sunset going sown into the ocean . Sound good? If you love Southeast Asia beaches you’ll love the beaches in Singapore. Ok its not Thailand or Bali, Singapore currently has the world's second-busiest port in the world but still can find some proper beaches, although some of them had to ship their sand in from Indonesia, they still make a great place to relax for a few hours.

TBC - Tanjong Beach 

The only beach with great parking space. Located in Sentosa island home to the Tanjong Beach Club. Tanjong Beach club the coolest beach club with allot of Expats coming on Sundays for some beers and club music. Its a great place to have a few drinks and relax. The beach here is great, and if you walk 5 or 10 minutes past Tanjong Beach Club you will almost have it all to yourself.

Singapore TBC best beach

Palawan Beach

Also on Sentosa Island, Palawan Beach is probably the quietest of the 3 main Sentosa beaches. it can be very quite, there are a few bars and restaurants, and you can buy cheap beers at the 7 11. A bridge takes you to another small island which claims to be the southernmost point of continental Asia, which seems weird since it’s an island off an island, off another island.  This little island is probably the best place in Singapore to sit in the shade and relax.

Siloso Beach

Probably the busiest beach on Sentosa for locals and teens, Siloso has everything you’ve become accustomed to in a Southeast Asian beach,  little shops selling sunglasses and jewelry, and clear blue water. Siloso seems to be the best beach for swimming and I saw a lot more people in the water there than any of the other beaches in Singapore.

East Cost Park

Very popular beach with locals and located not on Sentosa, East Coast Park gets pretty busy, but if you visit on a weekday you’ll have it almost to yourself. It’s a popular weekend spot to go cycling and there is a huge hawker centre but not a great beach for swimming as the ships waiting to enter the Singapore port can make the water unswimable. East Coast Park is home to one of the best beaches in Singapore, and depending on the overhead conditions, the water looks almost good enough to swim in. East Coast Park is also a popular place to camp, but you need to organise a permit.

singapore east cost beach

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