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Vacationing Bikini In Bali: Sun Kissed And Tanned!

Posted on 02 August 2016

Vacationing Bikini In Bali: Sun Kissed And Tanned!

College ended a few years ago andheaded off into various directions and entered practical lives, the promises of keeping in touch and calling each other on a regular basis were long forgotten. The gang became busy in life. When one of us was about to say her vows, we decided to take one vacation together as bachelorettes. We chose to spend time in Bali, the Indonesian island known for its scenic views and volcanos. We could’ve easily gone to some other place which was known for the city lives and was really touristy, but Bali was our preference because we wanted a place where we could take a break from our hectic lives, relax and just enjoy each other’s company.

I was super-duper excited, it was going to be a trip full of reminiscence and boy, was I ready to make memories. I knew that as much as I had to enjoy with my girlfriends, I wanted to look my best as well! Bali is known for its resorts, its oceans and its beauty, so I packed my suitcase accordingly. I opted for more light and loose shirts, cropped shorts and loads and loads of bikinis and swim suits. I am a huge fan of swimsuits and never shy away from buying the most modest to the boldest. I packed about 4 two pieces, each different from the other and of varying colors and about three one pieces. I definitely had to pack my favorite monochrome bikini along with the neon one! For one pieces, I opted for a strapless one piece (turned some heads in this one!) and one red one (no, not the ones like those on Baywatch!). Next on the list was loads of sunscreen, chic sunglasses and my favorite book (the 40 rules of love). I didn’t pack too much makeup, I wanted to go au naturale for this trip. I was set to go!

We landed at the Ngurah Rai International Airport, with all smiles and headed straight to our hotels where we could get our swimsuits on and jump in the ocean! We didn’t want any lunch, nor did we stop for a bite. Our focus was to engulf the beauty of the sea and swim in it! We swam, we enjoyed and boy did we get tired!! On our first night we decided to get a taste of the nightlife of Bali. Our concierge (God bless him, he gave us SOOOO many options) advised us to visit the Sky garden which is part of the 61 Legian Entertainment Complex. The whole site is solely dedicated to nightlife by having multiple clubs inside. We danced our hearts out, ate A LOT and drank a little too much. It was bliss but for the next 6 days, we decided to stray away from clubs and enjoy the local food that Bali offers.

Our next six days were full of spa visits, tanning (never have I been so brown!) and eating what the locals ate. We roamed around the streets of Bali and mingled with the locals. One couple was such a sweetheart that they invited us over for dinner the next day and filled our stomachs with delicacies and stories about the island. We loaded up on the local Balinese food and the best was Lawar, it is an extremely flavorsome delight which is made up of shredded coconut, minced pork, spices and chili, with the addition of fresh pig blood to make it a bit red. You can always skip the blood and try the non-blood version which is equally delicious and light.We also made sure we roamed the Legian Beach and catch the sunset as well (worth getting there early and ‘reserving’ a seat’)

Bali was filled with sun, memories, good company and delicious food. If I would get the chance, I would surely visit it again, and again and again! To get the best Bali experience, I would recommend to stay for at least two weeks, book a resort but also visit the local markets and food stalls that the streets have to offer! Get the best of both worlds.

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