Best bikini in Singapore - Free Delivery



1. When is it gonna ship?

In short - same day! We pride ourselves on making every effort to ensure in-stock order is shipped out to you the same day. The faster you get it, the faster we want to hear how much you love it. 
2. How much is shipping?
Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Yes world wide free delivery with standard mail 7-10 days.
you can ask for faster delivery with DHL, FEDEX, EMS and more but that wont be free.
3. So where do you ship? 
World wide - We enjoy the simple things - if its on the map, GPS or globe well find it.
4. This Bikini rules. How do I know if it is in stock?
As soon as you find the item you’d like, choose your size from the drop down menu and the availability information will pop up -If an item is in-stock the message will read: ‘Availability: In Stock’. 

5. What if I want to buy a separate size or style for top and bottom? 
Designers either offer swimsuits as separates or one-size sets. A good way to find out which designers offer which is to look at the product page, if you see the option to buy bottom and top not as a set - separates, you can buy it. If the designer only sells suits as one-size sets, you may not purchase a different size for top and bottom.

6. These swimsuits are GORGEOUS. But are they water safe? 

Absolutely! All swimsuits offered on our boutique, regardless of their beading or how awesome they are designed, are made for water use. Of course, any lounging, flirting, tanning, or dancing activities are also allowed and supported.   

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