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Swimwear Gift

Well first you need to know why to give swimwear as a gift? And the answer It is the perfect gift to say I think you are beautiful.
Know this swimwear Gifts will Spice Up Your  Life.

swimwaer, and I am talking about sexy elite designer swimwear it is the perfect gift for a woman, one of the Gifts That Mean More Than Jewelry, Flowers or Chocolate.
DON'T go out and buy the predictable traditional gifts that you're "supposed" to buy. Getting the same gifts year after year isn't much better than nothing.
This time try something sexy, fresh, romantic and loving. Something that say I want to see you with less clothes.

Where to buy designer swimwear

Decide where to shop. You do not want to go to a department stores or a shop at the market you will find only very low quality swimwear. Try a shop that specialized in elite designer swimwear, most sell very cheap sex sets for overpriced prices and you will only understand it after you will touch the fabric or materiel in your hands. You can get the look and feel of the garment you are selecting for your sweetheart and ask for help from the salesgirl she will approach you and will try to give you the best service. Your purchase there is discreet and confidential and can be returned. Just be sure the store has a high quality items.

Know her size man

You need to know her size! Don’t tell the salesgirl “well…she is about your size”.  Best way If you are buying swimwear for her a good chance you had access to her bras and thongs before, so take a look at the tag.  companies have a few ways of tagging swimwear you can find online how to convert sizes from lets say 38 to M . Also remember that all manufacturers sizing runs differently so be sure to ask the saleswoman and don’t worry most swimwear elite shops will have personal that will be able to help.


Style and material

Choose a style. Don’t be boring she wants a sensual and sexy gift so don’t get the “safe set” think about what excites both of you and choose something that will be sexy and fun. Take your time when choosing a style. And get a few items, swimwaer set with beach cover works. Go for risky, go for bikini or monokini, with stones and bids, avoid leather or vinyl. It is sexy and cool if it is a high quality cheap swimwear set and can turn unpleasant,  be cautious when choosing types of material.

Swimsuit colour

When choosing the color think about her age and taste each person likes different colors, having said that don’t go so safe for a romantic sexy gift most women will love bold "crazy" colours red, white or black are safe but pink purple blue green all are great colors for bikini sets. Try to avoid , grey, brown and other colors that are harder to think of as romantic or sexy. As long as it is sexy and high quality the color is not that important. Blondes look good in pastels like light pink and baby blue. Brunettes need rich black, blue, pink and red.


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