Caviar Facial Treatment

A restorative and nourishing serum that repairs skin and conditions using a high concentration of Red Seaweed (Marine Algae) cultivated from natural sea ingredients.

CIENCE BEHIND IT : Alga Light (PALMARIA PALMATA) free radicals antioxidants agent derived from a red alga. Palmaria Palmata extract is active in scavenging OH radicals, as well as quenching the stable free radical DPPH and the ABTS radicals.

The ability of the extract to scavenge reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radicals was further confirmed in present study.






Caviar is considered food of kings for centuries, a luxury delicacy. Today with high demend it is more expansive than ever before, for centennial female sturgeon eggs, the rarest type of Beluga available, with an extremely small production and prices reaching almost £25,000 per kilogram ($39,500 per kg). The Beluga sturgeon can take up to 20 years to reach maturity and can only be found in the black sea and Caspian sea.


Caviar a Rare and Precious Nourishing substance

Best Anti Ageing Treatment


The antioxidant potential of Palmaria Palmata can be attributed to the fact that this intertidal red alga is known to be exposed to not only wide-variations in photosyn- thetically available radiation only in depth in the water and water turbidity, Therefore these marine organisms require endogenous antioxidant protection, the efficiency of caviar extract in reducing free radical was confirmed.

Scientifically formulated with Red Caviar’s potent ingredients, Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids that significantly repair the skin’s appearance by softening surface lines and decreasing sensitivity leaving the skin smooth and radiant. Due to its natural healing properties, it is also ideal for rosacea, acne, and extremely sensitive skin